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Welcome to the Parents United Community! Our mission is to ensure that independent schools promote a culture that values and prioritizes true diversity of thought, freedom of discourse, and self-expression. To that end, we will be working hard to ensure that we align our actions with that purpose. These Community Guidelines should not only help you understand how to act within the community but also help you understand what to expect from others in this space.  ​

  • Name: Use your real name in your profile. Usernames or initials will not be allowed. Your name will become visible to other community members, but your email will remain private. You will have the option to set your profile as private. If you do this, you will not be able to join Groups or follow other community members, however, you will still be able to access the community member Resource Page. 

  • Tone and Content: Be kind to each other. In the spirit of free discourse, we encourage conversations representing all perspectives. While engaging in such conversations, all posts and comments are expected to use a respectful, courteous tone, even on emotional, challenging, or heated topics. As much as possible, try to stay on topic with respect to each group, and if you don't see a spot to discuss your topic, feel free to start a new group!

  • Abuse will not be tolerated: This includes personal attacks, hate speech, negative comments or slurs against race, sexual orientation or gender, or threats to a user’s safety.

  • Search Before Posting: Please search the Groups section before requesting a new Group.

  • Personal Information: Sharing personal or sensitive information about other users will not be tolerated.

  • Spam: Spamming of threads or posts will not be tolerated.

  • Login Privacy: Please do not give out your login information to anyone. 

  • Removing Posts: To ensure group discussions remain helpful and productive, we reserve the right to remove posts. Posts may be deleted or closed if they break any of the above rules. Posts will be deleted if they contain any of the following: offensive or harmful material, personal or sensitive information about users, or if they violate any copyrights or licenses. Posting offensive/harmful material or spam content will result in the removal of the user account.

If a community member violates the Community Guidelines, their user account may be removed at the discretion of the website administrators. We also reserve the right to remove content that violates these guidelines.  If you have questions, please contact