Update for Sept 25, 2015: Parent Leadership Summit & More

/ 25 September 2015 / Shawna

    Parent Leadership Summit

“The Imperative for 21st Century Learning”

Oct 2, 2015
11:00 am-2:00 pm
1640 Larpenteur Ave
St Paul, MN 55108

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Only one week left to reserve your space at our school year kick-off event. Make sure you’re there!

Summit Rundown

“The Imperative for 21st Century Learning”

The current testing mania in schools has not yielded promised results for our students. We are excited to present work from two Minnesota organizations on the leading edge of relational work.

At our Summit, speakers will be presenting research that shows how non-academic and non-cognitive learning in schools deeply affects academic achievement. Kent Pekel will tell us about the influence of development relationships between students and educators. David O’Fallon will speak on the absence of personal life stories in academic settings and how including them replaces stereotypes and invigorates learning.

Join the Search Institute’s Dr. Kent Pekel and Minnesota Humanities Center’s David O’Fallon and Shandi DiCosimo as they share their research and experience in defining “The Imperative for 21st Century Learning.”

Early Bird Session 10 a.m.

Our early bird session will focus on organizing parents in your district to be more effective with lawmakers. This is your opportunity to network with local Legislative Action Committees from across the metro.

No Child Left Behind reauthorization update

Staff from Senator Franken’s office will update us on the Senate’s reauthorization of No Child Left Behind. Many point to NCLB legislation as the reason for the current test mania and it will be interesting to see what reauthorization may mean for the next decade.

Registrations are going quickly. Please make sure to reserve your seat today and join in this very lively conversation.


More on the Higher Learning Commission

Last week we brought you information about changes that will impact Minnesota students’ opportunities to take college classes while in high school. There is national push back against these changes. Read Senator Franken’s response to the Commission.

The purpose of concurrent enrollment is to offer a college-level course experience to students in high school. The program has been highly successful in Minnesota, benefiting an enormous number of students. It is not hyperbole to say the future of this program is at grave risk.

Interestingly, our Oct 2 speaker, Dr. Kent Pekel published an important letter to the editor calling out the misuse of data to show a causal link between PSEO enrollment and miscellaneous measures of academic achievement.

Minnesota requested the president of the Higher Learning Commission attend the following joint Senate hearing to address this issue. If you are concerned about concurrent enrollment, this is the meeting to attend.

If you are interested in testifying, or providing a written statement, please let us know mary@parentsunited.org. Parents United will be testifying and will be happy to hand carry your comments to the committee.

Thursday, October 8, 2015 1pm

Joint Meeting: Committee on Higher Education and Workforce Development; House Committee on Higher Education Policy and Finance
Chairs: Sen. Terri E. Bonoff, Rep. Bud Nornes
Basement Room, State Office Building


Another event you won’t want to miss!

College Readiness Conference! Register Your High School Students and Parents for the 2015 UNCF Twin Cities Empower Me Tour, October 10, 2015 at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul.


What is Parents United’s agenda? Our agenda is simple: we don’t speak for parents, but work to provide credible, timely information about education policy and the law-making process so parents can speak for themselves. Truth be told, Parents United is a translator of complex terms and policy implications, as well as a navigator fora legislative process often oblique to the public.