Update for May 15, 2015

/ 14 May 2015 / Shawna

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

We are sitting at the Capitol waiting for the Education Conference Committee to be called. Throughout the weekend, we’ll post ongoing updates on FB and twitter. If the bill is completed this weekend, we’ll provide details in an Update early next week. At this point, a special session is within the realm of possibility.

In the final hours, House and Senate leadership and the Governor are still battling it out. Targets are the sticky wicket, as each has very different budget priorities. Our friends at Minnesota Budget Project do a very nice job outlining succinctly their differing priorities.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch…

As teachers and students enter the home stretch of the school year, things got messy again this week with administering MCA Science tests. Read more about this snafu.

Worth a Second Look

This St. Cloud Times article illustrates well the investment of time, energy and resources public schools and public school parents are forced to make in Minnesota today simply to secure adequate funding for schools that keeps up with inflation.

I am Worth It: 2 minute video

Even with a flawed survey, a poll shows that Minnesotans consider education a top priority for the state.