The bill has landed – Update for May 21, 2013

/ 21 May 2013 / eunice

In 10 years of doing this work, I have yet to see a more complicated education bill. It is complicated because it is so comprehensive.

In addition to significant investment in our schools, the bill takes on some of the knottiest issues that have been plaguing us for years: integration policy and aid, assessments, alignment with post-secondary success, equalization aid, All Day K for every child in the state, programs evaluated for their efficacy, and the facilitation of replicating what works. The historic influx of early childhood, into what has always been a K-12 (kindergarten through grade 12) bill, now means it will forever be an “E-12” bill! This was all done with little fanfare. Well, it is time for us to provide the fanfare!!

Well done to each and every one of your legislators and Governor Dayton! Thank you Chairs Marquart, Mariani, Mullery, Wiger and Torres Ray! Kudos to Tax Chairs Skoe and Lenczewski, because without the tax changes this session, schools would not have these investments. If you question that, just take a look at the last decade.

Hats off to Speaker Theisen and Majority Leader Bakk for getting it done and thank you, thank you to all those who put the time in day and night to speak for our schools! Our students thank you.

Today and in the days that follow, you will see many quick summaries of the E12 Omnibus Bill. I wanted to take a bit of a different tactic. I scoured the bill for provisions that I thought would interest parents and provided the actual bill wording. I did this purposefully so the intent and scope of the bill could be felt. So that is what you will find in our summary (pdf).__

This coming Thursday – wow, it is coming quickly – from 1-2 pm at our annual Parent Summit, I can provide a bit more context and explanation of these provisions. However, if you can’t make it, feel free to ask questions. Our promise: if we don’t know the answer we will find it for you!

Mary Cecconi, Executive Director
Parents United for Public Schools
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