Back to School! Update for Labor Day Weekend 2012

/ 30 August 2012 / eunice

We are Parents United for Public Schools, a statewide parent-run initiative that unites those who value public education, empowering them to be strong advocates for excellence in our public schools. 

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It’s been a wonderful summer! I thought I was crazy when I started seeing “Back to School” ads around the 4th of July, but later I read that retailers had a hard spring and were attempting to make up losses with a longer “Back to School” season! Well this time the ads are right – school really has begun! As I write this, the State Fair is in its final days, nights are getting shorter and buses are roaming neighborhoods practicing their routes.

At Parents United we spent the summer reworking our website so parents can more easily access the vast amount of information compiled over the last ten years. We talked to parents to see what they wanted, sought volunteers to write, and designed a set of principles to place in front of you what Parents United sees as necessary for Minnesota’s schools. This isn’t simply a wish list; it has been born from 10 years of reading, observing, and analyzing.

We’re not done! Each day we find more that we’d like to share with you. Stop by our website and wander around, and Like us on Facebook. Let us know what you think!

Back to School – Back to Elections!

Several parents are working on voter approved levies this year. We have resources that may help you in this endeavor. Call if you have questions!

November not only brings levy elections, but elections for every Minnesota state Senator and member of the House of Representatives, and a presidential election as well! Really, is there anyone who hasn’t heard that yet?

As more decisions that impact our public schools are made in the political arena it is incredibly important to know where your candidates stand on public school issues. Remember, “Great School Begin at the Ballot Box!” A few months ago, Tom Horner and Tim Penny wrote an interesting op ed piece that laid out two questions they thought should be asked of all candidates this year. They are worth repeating:

  • “On the big issues of the day (fiscal responsibility, entitlement reform, infrastructure needs and immigration) where will you find common ground with those in other parties?”
  • “On what major issue do you disagree with your own party and its interest groups?”

Have a great start to the year – and stop by often!

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