June 10, 2011

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June 10, 2011

Keeping you up-to-date…

As things happen at the Capitol we’ll send short updates to keep you in the know. This may be old news for those of you following us on Twitter or friending us on Facebook!

A Tale of Two Visions
This week the Minnesota Budget Project prepared a series of articles looking at the two visions laid out for how to meet the state’s needs as laid out in Governor Dayton’s and the Legislature’s budget proposals.

The K-12 education article is an essential read for everyone concerned about our schools, but as important are the articles about Public safety, Higher education, Mass transit, Economic development and Health and human Services.

And just as essential is how the Legislature’s tax bill will push the burden of tax increases onto local units of government, including school districts. This means your taxes will go up under the Legislature’s proposal.

Even though the Governor and Legislative Leaders have reached agreement on K-12 funding, that agreement doesn’t extend to new revenues, meaning we’re just shifting the burden to other areas of the budget.

What we value determines the choices we make
We need to take responsibility for the choices our elected officials make. The public is beginning to speak out in favor of a balanced approach combining revenue and spending cuts. It’s time for us to do the same. It’s time to ask the Legislature to do what families are doing across the state: figure out how to meet expenses by decreasing costs AND increasing revenues.  It’s time to compromise and move forward with a vision for Minnesota’s future.

What you can do
Write a letter to the editor of your local paper today calling for a balanced budget that includes thoughtful reductions AND new revenues. (If you need help with the numbers, Schools for Equity in Education put together a good resource here.)

Be sure to send a copy of your submission to your legislators and to us—so we can share your story with parents.

It’s time we take united stand by demanding a thoughtful budget that reflects our values, maintains our priorities, increases efficiencies AND demonstrates a strong commitment to building a better future for our children.


Mary Cecconi, Executive Director (mary@parentsunited.org)
Parents United for Public Schools
1667 Snelling Avenue N., St. Paul, MN 55108




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