May 13, 2010

/ 13 May 2010 / Parents United
May 13, 2010

Thursday, May 13: Update from Mary at the Capitol

What can I do?

  • Stay tuned….. Ask your Senators – Is this it? Why no Omnibus bill?
  • We have had several requests from folks who want to know what they can do to show support for increased revenue as a way to balance the state budget. Invest in Minnesota is holding a gathering at the Capitol TONIGHT to demonstrate support for a balanced approach: Thursday evening, May 13, 5 pm Gathering, 6:30 pm Program.

At the Capitol
Wednesday night/Thursday morning
Late Wednesday night the Senate passed two small education bills, SF3063 and SF2598. These are small bills with a big impact for those mentioned in the bills. Senator Hann tried to amend SF3063 to place the codification of the payment shift on the bill, but that amendment failed. So as of this morning, it looks like the codification of the school payment shift, if it happens, will be part of an overall budget bill rather than part of an education bill.


A Look Ahead
Rumor has it that the Senate is not interested in a larger Omnibus education bill. If that ends up being true, lost is the possibility from the House bill of the New Minnesota Miracle and the opportunity for school boards to renew levies. Also lost would be, from both the proposed Senate bill and the passed House bill: several policy provisions that deal with charter schools, testing, teacher/principal evaluations and more.

From this time until May 17, when the Legislature adjourns, the Capitol is busy 24-7 – seriously! It is not unusual at all to find committees meeting at all hours of the day and night in order to get these bills processed. We will be there to keep you in the loop.

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