Parents United FRIEND-raiser

/ 15 April 2009 / jennifer


“The more informed citizens we have speaking out for public schools, the louder our voices become and the more likely we are to drive positive change.”

—Christy Hlavacek, Parents United President

We are on a mission. If history serves any purpose, it informs us how the future will play out. We know that the big decisions that will affect our schools for the next two years take place in the final weeks of the legislative session. We also know that if enough people make their voices heard, we can affect those decisions.

We need your help. Copy the message below and send it to two people who are concerned for our schools and ask them to sign on to our e-list for the remainder of the legislative session. We often hear, “What can I do to help the work of Parents United?” This is it! The critical final weeks of the session will soon be upon us. Send this email on and ask your friends to OPT IN!

Here’s a message you can copy into an email to friends:

As a person who cares about schools, I want you to check out Parents United for Public Schools and sign on to their e-list for the next five weeks. Until the end of the legislative session on May 18, you will receive updates that will help you track the Education Omnibus bill. You will learn the ins and outs that you don’t read about in the newspaper! You will also learn how important it is for your voice to be heard.

The legislative decisions that will be made in the next weeks will affect our schools for years to come. Learn what those decisions are, how they are made, and how you can affect them. I want you to Opt In!

This is what other parents say about the Parents United weekly updates:

  • “Your e-mail updates are a critical resource to me.”</p>

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  • “Thanks for all you do to help parents understand complex issues and how they can make a difference.”</p>

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  • “Thanks for working hard to keep parents informed. I truly appreciate it!!”</p>

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  • “You have inspired so many to get involved! Your email updates are terrific, and I have forwarded them to many people.”</p>

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  • “Thank you so much for making it easier to participate in this process.”
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    We appreciate your help with our FRIEND-raiser!
    Mary Cecconi, Executive Director
    Parents United for Public Schools
    1667 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55108

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