May 14, 2008 Action Alert

/ 14 May 2008 / Parents United
May 14, 2008 Action Alert

The Governor is threatening to veto a small allocation for our schools. Is QComp really more important to him than immediate relief for our kids?

On Sunday night, in order to present a clean bill to both bodies and the Governor, the Education Conference Committee pulled all fiscal provisions out of House File 1812 and placed them into House File 6. House File 6 now provides the $51 for each student, the land trust money, and the ability for schools to borrow $51 from their capital budgets. On Tuesday House File 6 passed through the Senate on a 55-10 vote and the House on a 97-35 vote. These numbers are significant.

Remember that the $51 comes from unused QComp money. This is money set aside for districts that may want to join QComp in the future. Districts already in the program or who have been accepted will continue to receive their funds.

The Governor has threatened to veto House File 6. Is QComp really more important to him than this immediate relief for our kids? This has to stop. Call him today and tell him to sign House File 6: 651-296-3391, or 800-657-3717. [The person who answers the phone will take your message to give to the Governor; the call takes less than a minute. If you get a busy signal, keep trying—it just means a lot of us are calling.]

Also on Tuesday, the Governor vetoed HF 3001, the Education Policy Bill. All those provisions worked on and passed through the Senate and the House are now gone.

Please pass this on—we ALL need to call.

Mary Cecconi
Parents United for Public Schools
1667 Snelling Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55108

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