October 26, 2006

/ 26 October 2006 / Parents United
October 26, 2006

October 26, 2006 Update — From Mary Cecconi, Executive Director

 Important Dates

October 29, 2006
John McCutcheon Sings to Benefit Our Kids!
2-4 pm Hopkins Center for the Arts

November 7, 2006
Election Day

November 15, 2006
Center for Rural Policy and Development Conference
Educating Rural Minnesota’s Children

Coalition of Minnesota Businesses   
In the last two weeks, every candidate for state office received a letter and a flyer from the Coalition of Minnesota Businesses, specifically from Charlie Weaver, Executive Director of Minnesota Business Partnership, and David Olson, President of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. We believe sending this letter out three weeks before the election has done a disservice to our kids, their schools, parents and our local businesses. We believe we need to provide the necessary context to their assertions.   

This communication states that “school district revenue from state and local sources outpaced inflation by 24% since 1996” and ”per student, district revenues outpaced inflation by 23%” during the same time. They also provide a Do the Math Q and A sheet.

Since many of you are out there trying to pass local levies (70 districts out of 341) and now those running for office have been given this information, Parents United has provided a critique of these assertions. You can find both the communiqué and our critique at our website. I urge you to read through this information.

P.S. Minnesota: Public Schools are not an afterthought

P.S. Minnesota welcomes your stories about your kids and their schools!

P.S. Minnesota is a campaign to change the way our schools are funded.  Instead of having our school funding determined by how much money is available divided by how many kids we have in the state, an updated funding system would align funding with the actual cost of educating a child in the state of Minnesota. This cost is based on the research done by John Myers and has its beginnings in the 2003 Governor’s Education Finance Reform Task Force.

A growing coalition of organizations have joined on to the campaign and we hope you will join in the conversation! Please visit the web site to learn more about ways you can become more involved in this truly unique initiative!

John McCutcheon Concert
Just in time for a treat for Halloween, bring the family to see John McCutcheon–a Grammy nominated folksinger! This is a benefit for Every Child Matters Minnesota.

Parents United is on the steering committee for Every Child Matters Minnesota. This initiative works to connect the people in Minnesota to the greater needs of our children. Every Child Matters Minnesota draws our attention to the federal level and to our elected officials in Washington DC as well as those seeking election to the federal level. Not only does Every Child Matters Minnesota concern itself with Education, but how our children are doing in the Legal and Juvenile Justice System, Youth Development, Child Safety and Well-Being, Economic Security as well as Health and Wellness.

This event is one of those win-win situations: A great concert for you and your children and a wonderful way to benefit a terrific organization that is working to help our children!  Come to Hopkins for a great Sunday afternoon with your family!

Questions? mary@parentsunited.org


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