November 2, 2006

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November 2, 2006

November 2, 2006 Update — From Mary Cecconi, Executive Director


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 Important Dates

November 7, 2006
Election Day

November 15, 2006
Center for Rural Policy and Development Conference
Educating Rural Minnesota’s Children

Great Schools Begin at the Ballot Box
Caution: editorializing ahead!
In an era of state standards, state assessments and federal education legislation, more and more of the policy decisions that affect our local schools are being made in the political arena. Advocating for our public schools means knowing how to be most effective in that arena. It appears that being apolitical is no longer an option. Today more than ever, great schools begin at the ballot box.

We need to make wise choices when we cast our ballots. We need our policies toward children to reflect what we believe. We need to support those who reflect our values and reject those who don’t. We do that through our personal vote and by affecting the votes of our circle of friends. We need to be brave and speak out.

In the next days, the calls for you to Get Out and Vote will be numerous. Voting is critical, but informed voting is even more critical. Please take the time and make informed choices.

Know where your candidates stand on issues important to you. Because we advocate for public schools, people often assume that we are only interested in electing one-issue candidates. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We need elected officials who use their judgment to provide public policies that benefit the common good. Policies that provide for fair housing, a livable wage, a transportation system, and affordable health care have as much to do with a child’s success in school as anything else. To focus on children’s issues requires thinking beyond the next election. 

The first step is to vote. I learned a long time ago that the world is run by those who show up—for the sake of our kids, please show up.

Competing Positions on the Transportation Amendment
We have made our position clear on this amendment. This state needs to invest in its infrastructure–education, early care, affordable housing, and access to health care, as well as transportation and transit. No one is debating that point. The fact that this amendment is on the ballot is the clearest sign of the frustration in our communities that this investment is simply not being done.

But, it would be irresponsible for this amendment to become law unless we are clear what the plan is for filling the hole that will be left in the general fund. We are providing the following links for you to see what opponents AND proponents are saying about this issue. Please be an informed voter.



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