September 10, 2004 – Fall update from Parents United Network

/ 10 September 2004 / Parents United
September 10, 2004 – Fall update from Parents United Network

As the new school year begins, look around—larger class sizes, fewer adults in the classroom, increased fees and a greater reliance on your abilities to fundraise for your children’s school, yet again. How many more years is this trend to disinvest in our public schools going to continue? What further cuts can our kids sustain?  This January begins the funding year in the legislative cycle 

During the last two years, the legislature has mandated the implementation of new standards in language arts, math, social studies and science. Not to mention the federal mandates of No Child Left Behind that fail to help parents understand what their child’s strengths and challenges may be. Add to this a flat funding formula, cuts to compensatory aid, after school programs, a cap on English Language Learning service dollars and less money for early childhood and intervention programs, the proven methods that help children succeed. If that’s not enough, the federal government has changed the statutory formula this year and Minnesota is loosing millions of dollars in federal aid!

We need to act now, individually and as communities to hold our elected officials accountable for these policy decisions. Although none of us wants to wade into the political arena, it has become apparent that good schools start at the ballot box.

  • If you are planning on hosting or attending a candidate forum, please consider using the Candidate Questions which we developed in collaboration with the Alliance for Student Achievement.  The reason for this collaboration was so that elected officials and candidates for office hear the same questions from around the state.
  • If a candidate forum is not in your future, call or email your candidates and incumbents and ask their response to these questions.
  • Or provide an open letter to the editor asking their response to these very real critical issues for our children.

If you need help organizing these events, or want further information about the questions, please email us at  or call 651-214-6565.

Please, be the voice for our children.  The most important thing you can do in the coming weeks for your child’s education is to make an informed choice on Election day.

Mary Cecconi
State Director – Parents United Network
833 Nordic Ave.
Stillwater, MN 55082
Phone: 651-214-6565

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