July 2, 2004 – Update for participants of Parent Leadership Summit

/ 2 July 2004 / Parents United
July 2, 2004 – Update for participants of Parent Leadership Summit

Fall is quickly approaching and one wonders about the ups and downs of this
summer!  The election season is around the corner and we may already be
tired of political ads.  As much as I would like to fall into a beach chair
and pull the beach towel over my head, we do need to plan for the next
legislative session.  This session will be determined by what happens at the
ballot box in November. </p>

Three things you can do now that will mean a great deal to efforts in the

  • Visit our new web site parentsunitednetwork.org, and invite friends to
    visit it as well.  We are very proud of the work and believe it says a lot
    about who we are and what we stand for. The links to resources answer a ton of questions that you may be asked on the soccer field when you stand up for public schools—if your question is still not answered, please call me and we’ll work together to see that it is.</p>
  • Talk with candidates and legislators who are campaigning this summer—ask them for coffee!!  Assess their knowledge about the public schools in your community and help them understand your perspective. The best time to connect with a candidate or incumbent is when they are on the campaign trail.
  • Next call a meeting of your friends who are undergoing angst about our
    public schools and begin organizing a candidate forum. Parents United
    Network is a partner of The Alliance for Student Achievement and we are
    working together developing questions that you can ask legislators at those forums.

Contact your superintendents and make sure you have been able to see the
Gunyou/Kiedrowski tape, Former Finance Commissioners Speak Out on
Minnesota’s Budget

Several of you might want to contact neighboring districts to hold joint
events. If you would like the names of some involved folks in a neighboring
district let me know!  We can post your candidate forums on our web site so
that we all can see what each other is doing and attend those outside of our
district.  Just send the information to me at mary@parentsunitednetwork.org

Have a great summer! Mary

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