Take Action

Minnesota public schools urgently need your support.

There are many different ways you can take action.  Chief among them is becoming involved at the local level.  If your child’s school doesn’t have a parent group, form one.  If the schools in your district have parent groups, get them together!  Share your stories.  Create a plan to bring your collective voice to your local community and elected officials.

Specific Things You Can Do

  1. Continue to learn all you can about how state policy is affecting your local schools. Work with your superintendent, your principals, and your local school board to gain information about the stories you can tell.
  2. Sign up to receive updates and action alerts from Parents United, and pass them on!
  3. Spread the word!  The best way to build support for our schools is for people to share their concerns with others they know.
  4. Respond immediately to our Action Alerts.  Your legislators need to hear from you as the session gets more intense and bills are being voted on.  More and more often, legislators check email as they are debating and taking votes.  Do not forget that your voice matters.
  5. Be a voice for our children. Speak out on issues that are important to you.
  6. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper.  Expressing your views and keeping your neighbors aware of the issues that are going on around them is essential.  Remember that policy-makers read the papers too!
  7. Continue the conversation outside of your schools. Bring people together from your early childhood parents, your realtor’s association, your seniors, your local businesses, your local chambers of commerce. Only 25% or fewer people have children in the public schools at any given time, but 90% of the children in our country are educated through our public system. Don’t believe that only those with children in our schools care about them.
  8. Help us to fill the conference committee rooms with citizens concerned with the future of public education.  As the session continues, we will keep the Web site updated with meetings where public school support is needed.  Please stay in touch and know that you are welcome to come to the capitol with us again.  Legislators love to see involved citizens.
  9. Organize legislative tours in your local schools. Bring candidates and elected representatives into your schools. Let them see what is happening and let them talk with you about your concerns.
  10. Invite your neighbors and friends to our network.  Engage people you know to get involved with us.  The stronger our network is, the more gets accomplished for public schools.
  11. Stay connected and stay involved.  Remember that our efforts to support adequate funding for public education do not end with the close of the legislative session.  We will continue to educate and organize parents and other concerned citizens about the issues.
  12. Elect legislators that reflect your priorities and whose judgment and integrity you admire. Stay connected to those representatives, continue building relationships with them. Let them know what you are thinking as issues emerge.

Additional Resources

The Value of Parents as Advocates – Parents United for Public Schools, January 2006.

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