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Parents Aren’t Teachers — They’re Parents

Kent Pekel, Huffington Post – Education, October 12, 2015    At the start of the current school year, I was struck by the number of superintendents, principals, and other educational leaders across the country who called on parents to get more involved in their children’s learning. I also noted that many of them promised to […]

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Campaign makes sure students don’t eat alone

Jessica Bock, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 19, 2015t. Louis Post-Dispatch Ugh, middle school. There’s awkwardness, cliques and bullying. The challenges of preadolescence. Low-self esteem, or maybe too much self-esteem. It can all collide in the cafeteria and leave some kids feeling invisible if they don’t fit in at any one particular table. What difference could it […]

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Help high school students at the bottom

Kent Pekel of the Search Institute, Star Tribune Counterpoint, January 22, 2015  Here’s a strategy for the older kids who are seriously struggling in high school. Lori Sturdevant’s column (“K-12 as we know it is on the move,” Jan. 18) did an excellent job summarizing many of the reasons that I have worked for more […]

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