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High schools confront social media minefield

Katie Humphrey, Star Tribune, February 23, 2014 – Teenage gossip used to be scribbled in notes passed during class. Crude jokes were confined to the locker room. Now snide comments, inside jokes and offensive language can explode online through new, quickly evolving outlets, where it can live on and be seen by thousands. The aftermath can […]

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Bullying’s a problem. Could this proposed Minnesota law be a solution?

Christopher Magan, Pioneer Press, February 8, 2014 – Della Kurzer-Zlotnick had little experience with bullying until seventh grade, when a classmate asked the St. Paul student about her two mothers, who are lesbians. “She said it in a way that was kind of surprised and a little disgusted,” Kurzer-Zlotnick remembers. “She held it over me and […]

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Anoka-Hennepin schools take aim at cyberbullying

Paul Levy, Star Tribune, October 7, 2013 – The Internet messages were so vicious that they pushed 16-year-old Ivy Griffiths into therapy for depression. “Go cut yourself until you bleed to death,” a Champlin Park High School classmate wrote to Ivy online. “You’re a whore, a stupid bitch, a horrible person,” wrote another. “You deserve to […]

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