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While We Wait…

HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO! IF YOU SUPPORT THE GOVERNOR’S BUDGET TARGET, CALL HIM! While we wait to hear about a Special Session, we can still have influence. Share with friends across the state and use social media: the broader the message, the more it is taken seriously! Email your friends, family, neighbors, PTO/A members and […]

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We Need You at the Capitol

CDctaZfUUAASTT2Parents United and many education groups want to share a loud message this Monday, May 4 as conference committees prepare to begin – No more cuts to education!

In a year of surplus, both the House and Senate budget targets for schools are not enough. We, parents, are tired of cuts – we are tired of lost opportunities and large class sizes. We are tired of raising money to fund necessities. We are tired of running levy campaigns in our districts just to keep things even keel.

We have a surplus, and we expect a lot from our schools. Come carry your signs and show your support for higher targets. The kids who are in school right now only get this one chance to learn: Childhood has no rewind!


When: Monday, May 4

Where: State Office Building Press room 181, hallways and front steps.

Why: House and Senate budget targets are not enough; we need 37% of the surplus for schools to make up for years of not keeping up our obligations to schools.

Who: Anyone who doesn’t want to see more cuts to schools


Come early and bring your signs – #more4kidsMN; 37% for kids; Childhood has no rewind! Whatever your message…share what you schools will lose, share how this affects your district!

There will be a press conference with statewide representation from a parent, a student, principal, school board member, teacher and superintendent with a united voice, saying the House and Senate targets are too low!

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