Schools need you now…

/ 7 April 2015 / Shawna

speakupLegislators are simply your friends and neighbors. Right now, parents around the state are letting them know how they want to be represented!

Join those voices before the sun sets today.

The House GOP has released its budget targets and proposes to spend $156 million new dollars for all of E-12 education. The Senate’s target is $350 million new dollars. In contrast, the governor’s proposal is $695 million for education–the Governor has made it known that providing Minnesota with an educated populace is his priority.

Unless the House and Senate targets are raised, it will be no surprise to see very real cuts in our classrooms. Tell them what this will look like in your children’s schools!

House and Senate leadership are responsible for determining these targets. They need to hear that this is a less than acceptable investment in our children. 


Share with friends across the state and use social media: The Broader the Message, the more it is taken seriously:

  • Email your friends, family, neighbors, PTO/A members and Principal and offer them this link to our site
  • Find us on Twitter: @ParentsUnitedMN
  • Tweet how this will affect you and your schools and use the hashtags #more4kidsmn, #mnleg, #mngop, #mndfl
  • Join the Twitter campaign #MNSurplus4MNStudents
  • Watch for updated information on our Facebook page and “share” it on yours

Call. Email. Facebook. Twitter. Share.

 Use your energy toward what truly can affect change.

Call or email your legislators and let them know you want these targets raised! Your Representatives and Senator may not be on an education committee, but they will likely register your concern. Ask them to raise their constituents’ voices in their caucuses and ask for more money on the formula.

Call or email one of these leaders and cc the others: Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt,__ Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk, Minority Leader Representative Paul Thissen, and_** Minority Leader David Hann **_and tell them simply you expect a better investment in kids.

Copy these leaders on your emails as well:


Thank you!