Closing Achievement Gaps: Dr. Ron Ferguson visits Twin Cities to engage Minnesota Educators on New Comprehensive Approaches – May 30, 2012

/ 30 May 2012 / jennifer




Carlos Mariani Rosa
Executive Director


(Saint Paul, MN) – The Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership has invited Ronald F. Ferguson of the Harvard Kennedy School for a daylong interaction on May 31, 2012 around systemically understanding and addressing the “achievement gap” – disparate academic outcomes that exist along racial and economic lines.

Dr. Ferguson, an economist, currently serves as the director of the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University. Expounding on his recent book, “Toward Excellence with Equity: An Emerging Vision for Closing the Achievement Gap,” Dr. Ferguson will discuss creating a broad, publicly supported agenda that addresses race equity and creates quality outcomes for all students, including white students.

His trips to the University of St. Thomas and Saint Paul College will offer perhaps the most significant body of work about multi-disciplinary approaches to ending achievement gaps to the state’s major business, professional and non-profit leaders, and to key education leaders – including the Commissioner of Education, the U of M President, the MNSCU Chancellor, President of the Private College Council, and the Commissioner of Higher Education.

“Dr. Ferguson’s visit represents Minnesota’s intensely serious, significantly heightened attempt to move beyond counting on one single program or initiative at a time to raise academic outcomes,” said Carlos Mariani Rosa, MMEP’s executive director. “MMEP believes that we can make our schools and colleges better by developing a comprehensive movement that guides our education systems with clear, interconnected goals supported by multiple, complimentary strategies of programs and practices.”

Dr. Ferguson is the creator and director of the Tripod Project for School Improvement, including a component entitled “Teaching the Hard Stuff” (THS). He has consulted with various K12 school districts across the nation in assisting to design deep systemic changes to eliminate racial disparities in academic outcomes.

The MN P20 is a voluntary collaborative of statewide education groups, government, and businesses. MMEP is a nonprofit organization working to increase success for students of color and American Indian students in Minnesota schools, colleges and universities.

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