Who to Contact

There are several approaches you can take to communicating your key messages to policymakers:

  1. Regularly communicate with the Governor
  2. Build relationships with the legislators who represent you and/or
  3. The legislators who represent your schools
  4. Contact the members of the “significant committees”
  5. Communicate with the House and Senate leadership
  6. Build relationship with local media
  7. Contact Washington
  8. Find answers to your questions at the Minnesota Department of Education

How you find their contact information depends on who you want to reach.


Find the legislators who represent you

Contact the Governor

Current Officials for Minnesota – Project Vote Smart

Minnesota North Star – Official website for the state of Minnesota.

Who makes the decisions about your schools? – Who determines how your schools operate, how much money they receive and how it’s spent, what they teach, what services they provide? Many people believe in “local control,” but the truth is much more complex, Education Minnesota.