Web 2.0

The Web is evolving so quickly it’s hard to know what tool to use, when; especiallyto support volunteer efforts. These are resources we’ve found to be helpful.Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations – Capture these and use them as checklists when creating your accounts, DIOSA Communications.

Best Practices for Campaigns Using Facebook – Strengthen your relationships with supporters and reach out to potential supporters, Wellstone Action!

Information Stories – Resources to help you tell your story online using audio and video, Ohio State University.

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Sample Twitter Campaign: #Don’tCutKids – SparkAction

Why I Don’t “Like” You – What to do (and not to do) to build lasting relationships with your fans after they click the Like (or Follow) button, Humane Society of the United States.

June 2010 – 7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Nonprofit Marketing Impact with Google Analytics – What are the top website usage metrics your organization focuses on to understand your audience and improve your site? And what’s your process for putting those insights to work?, gettingattention.org.

March 2010 – HOW TO: Effectively Manage Hate and Anger on Social Media Sites – Freedom of speech is important, but sometimes you have to make tough decisions about when one person’s desire to rant trumps others in your community, Nonprofit Tech 2.0.

November 2009 – How to use Twitter lists – The just-launched Twitter Lists feature is a new way to organize the people you are following on Twitter, or find new people.  In actuality, though, Twitter Lists are Twitter’s long awaited “groups” feature.  They offer a way for you to bunch together other users on Twitter into groups so that you can get an overview of what they’re up to.  That’s because Lists aren’t just static listings of users, but rather curated streams of the latest tweets from a specified set of users, Mashable.

September 2009 – Update Twitter & Facebook Fan Pages Automatically via RSS – Describes both getting RSS updates automatically posted to Twitter and getting Tweets automatically posted to a Facebook fan page, Social Media Rockstar.

March 2009 – Insights on Social Media & Minnesota Legislators – Minnesota politicians and interest groups are finding ways to leverage social networking in a new style of ‘political networking;’ More than 70 Minnesota legislators are on Facebook, Tunheim Partners.


August 2009 – 15 Ways to Expand Your Reach through Social Media – With all the hype social networking is getting, there are two platforms that are actually creating an impact: Facebook and Twitter, Americans for the Arts.


November/December 2008 – To Blog or Not to Blog – As the Web 2.0 method of communicating is catching on, school board members from around the nation are debating whether to start up blogs of their own, MSBA Journal.

Additional Resources

bit.ly – Shorten, share and track your links.