Spread the word!

The best way to build support for our schools is for people to share their concerns with others they know.  It is critically important to let your friends and family across the state know you’ve found Parents United, a group that supports public education for ALL Minnesota children.

Whether you call, write, E-mail or talk about it , it’s important we begin TALKING about what’s happening in our schools and how it’s affecting our children.  Use these tips and tools to help you build support for public schools at the local level.

Specific Steps

  1. Join the parent group at your school or district.  Offer to put together a Telephone Tree or E-mail directory.
  2. Help the group to decide who sends out what information, when and how—by phone, mail, E-mail or flyer.
  3. Join the Parents United E-List to get “in the loop” on important issues as they emerge.
  4. Use the telephone tree and local e-lists to spread the word at the local level!

If there isn’t a parent-citizen group in your school community, create one!

Are you working on a local levy? Learn more about what Vote Yes! Committees can and cannot do!