Parents in Action

Minnesota public schools urgently need your support.

There are many different ways you can take action.  Chief among them is becoming involved at the local level.  If your child’s school doesn’t have a parent group, form one.  If the schools in your district have parent groups, get them together!  Share your stories.  Create a plan to bring your collective voice to your local community and elected officials.


Advocacy means having a voice at the places where decisions are being made, whether it be at your child’s school, at the district office or a local school board meeting, or at the State Capitol. Advocacy is about empowerment. It means speaking on behalf of yourself or another. It means defending how you feel about something. It means standing up for what you believe in. >>>Read More


There’s lots of different ways to communicate locally and with your elected officials. The key is to start with the way that’s most comfortable for you. >>>Read More


Why reinvent the wheel?  We can help you network with like districts so you can share the learning. Learn more about how we can help you build a coalition, create an action plan, pass a local levy or mobilize your community. Find tools to start a Legislative Action Committee >>>Read More