What about the kids?

/ 18 May 2012 / jennifer

Jack Krage, Winona Daily News, May 18, 2012 –

Letter to the Editor

The legislative session has just drawn to a close. and we saw a cooperative effort from both parties in passing the stadium bill.

Being a lifelong Vikings fan, I am happy that we will have the Vikings to cheer for decades to come. With intense pressure from labor unions and diehard Vikings fans, Gov. Dayton made true his promise to keep the team in Minnesota. While this is a celebratory moment, it is also a troubling one.

What about the kids? Where was the legislation that would offer tuition relief to our college students? Where was the legislation that would begin to move Minnesota back to the national forefront as an educational leader? Why were the needs of our youth not heeded? The Republican Party held a majority in both houses in St. Paul, yet no legislation came forward to enhance any of these issues.

So, again, I ask, “What about the kids?” Are they not our future? Why should they not have similar opportunities to succeed that were afforded us when we were growing up? Is it because kids don’t vote? They cannot voice their position as the labor unions did or as the purple clad Vikings fans. Union members and Vikings fans vote and thus they gained the ear of the Republican majority who may have acted to save their political lives.

We need parents and the teachers unions to stand tall just as the Viking fans and labor unions and make their case known loud and clear. You see, there never was a stadium vs. education debate. Both could have been acted on in the same session. There was plenty of time; it just was not a big enough priority. The Republican Party would rather borrow money from the schools in order to balance the state budget. They did this so they can campaign, boasting of their major accomplishments. All I can say is, next session, the results will be different.