Vote for MEE talks up Delano referendum

/ 4 April 2012 / jennifer

Susan Van Cleaf, MN Press & News, April 4, 2012 –

The citizens group Vote for MEE (Maintaining Educational Excellence) is back in action to get out information about the operating levy referendum that will be on the ballot in November for Delano Public Schools.

Vote for MEE will hold a town hall meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 17, at the Delano Heritage Center, located on the corner of Second Street and Bridge Avenue. The group is inviting anyone who wants to learn more about the referendum. Information about Vote for MEE and the upcoming referendum is available on the group’s website at

The town hall meeting will give attendees chances to discuss how the operating levy affects people in the community and what it means for Delano Schools in the future. Another discussion topic will be how Delano Schools has been fiscally responsible with tax dollars. Also, attendees can talk about what they and their neighbors think about the levy.

Anyone who wants to volunteer with Vote for MEE is invited to two volunteer action meetings, one Tuesday, April 24 and one Tuesday, May 8. Both will start at 7 p.m. at the Heritage Center.

“Let us know you want to help with the campaign, by e-mailing,” said Mary Allen, one of the leadership group that is behind Vote for MEE. Citizens can serve on the campaign committee, staff community outreach events, host a conversation about the levy in their neighborhoods and work places, write letters to the editor and more.

Citizens also can help by “liking” Vote for MEE’s Facebook page (Delano Schools Vote for MEE – Maintaining Educational Excellence).

Another way to help is “by reaching out to fellow community members to increase awareness about the urgent need for the operating levy,” Allen said.

Vote for MEE came into existence last year to educate citizens about last year’s operating levy referendum, which voters narrowly turned down at the polls. The Delano School District requested approval from voters to replace the current $426 per pupil operating levy with a new 10 year operating levy of $990 per pupil. The current levy will expire in June 30, 2013. The school district intended to use the new levy to maintain current operations, including class sizes and programs. No new programs or staff were to be added.

Now school district officials are getting ready for a second try in getting voters to approve an operating levy, and Vote for MEE is gearing up to help. The school district is in the process of deciding the amount and length of this year’s proposed leaving. Once these decisions are made, Vote for MEE will be able to swing into action.