Rep. Greiling, Sen. Olson to be honored by Parents United for Public Schools

/ 29 March 2012 / jennifer Publishers, March 29, 2012 –

St. Paul, MN— In recognition and appreciation for a lifetime of service to Minnesota’s public school students, Parents United for Public Schools will honor Rep. Mindy Greiling (DFL-Roseville) and Sen. Gen Olson (R-Minnetrista) with awards for Distinguished Leadership in Education at its 10th annual Parent Leadership Summit on April 16 in St. Paul.

Rep. Greiling and Sen. Olson are retiring from the Minnesota Legislature this year after serving for two and three decades respectively—much of that time focused on education. Rep. Greiling is the current DFL lead and a past chair of the House Education Finance Committee; Sen. Olson is chair of the Senate Education Committee.

“Over the course of their long, distinguished legislative careers Greiling and Olson have been champions for our public schools and the children they serve,” said Mary Cecconi, executive director of Parents United. “They have listened thoughtfully to all sides, taken on complex issues, respectfully endeavored to find compromise where it was needed, and stood strong where perseverance was necessary. Their lifetime of guardianship of public schools and their vision for what those schools can be, stand as a legacy that we are pleased to honor.”

The award presentation will be held at the 10th annual Parent Leadership Summit on the morning of April 16 in the Grand Hall at the TIES building in St. Paul. The program is called “Minnesota by the Numbers: What does it mean for education?” and will focus on Minnesota demographic change and how it impacts education.

Gov. Mark Dayton has been invited to convene the Summit and the keynote speakers will be Tom Stinson, State Economist, and Tom Gillaspy, State Demographer. The Summit is open to the public. To register, visit