Postsecondary transition encouraged

/ 17 April 2012 / jennifer

Erin Schmidtke, Session Daily, April 17, 2012 –

School districts could be strongly encouraged to help students explore their options for college and career aspirations, starting next school year.

Rep. Carol McFarlane (R-White Bear Lake) and Sen. Carla Nelson (R-Rochester) sponsor HF1272SF1073* that offers a plan for schools to use when assisting students in determining their interests and learning styles, with the intention that these tools would provide assistance when students need to make career and college-related choices.

Passed 128-6 by the House floor, the bill awaits gubernatorial action. The Senate passed it 48-12 Feb. 20.

The bill would require these plans to emphasize the need for students to develop good academic habits and teamwork skills. Plans would also need to implement programs that would increase students’ and families’ access to information about college and careers.

McFarlane said that this plan would be especially helpful because it would prevent issues students may encounter following graduation from high school. She also claimed that a growing number of jobs in Minnesota require college education, which the bill seeks to address.

The bill received praise from Rep. Tom Tillberry (DFL-Fridley), who spoke in support of a section of the bill that would recommend that schools maintain an adequate student-to-counselor ratio.

– Erin Schmidtke