Pine Island School Board approves revised 2011-12 budget

/ 6 June 2012 / jennifer

Alice Duschanek-Myers, Zumbrota News-Record, June 6, 2012 –

PINE ISLAND – On Monday, May 21 the Pine Island School Board approved the revised 2011-12 budget that was presented by business manager Carol Hebl. She said, “The budget was approved prior to the legislative session and prior to the actual enrollment numbers being known for 2011-12.”

Hebl said, “We lost resident students. With adjustment of these numbers (adjusted marginal cost pupil units or AMCPU) our revised general fund revenue was $10,374,025.” General fund revenues in the proposed budget approved by the school board in June 2011 totaled $10,347,441.

The Pine Island AMCPU was 1404.08 for this year. The AMCPU in the proposed budget was 1438.06. There was an adjustment of $121,349 from this change in enrollment which lowered revenues from general education aid to $7,864,536.

There were some increases in revenues in other programs and sources in the general fund. Though there was a loss in aid from the changes in enrollment, the revenues in the revised general funds currently total $26,584 more that in the proposed budget. Hebl said that with some other adjustments that could be necessary by June 30, this difference is probably high.

She said, “We tried to balance the budget for three years, which is difficult when there is no information available until the year ends.” She summarized that the general fund revenues are used 76% for salaries and benefits, 10% for substitute teachers, 14% for supplies, fuel for vehicles, and other expenses.

John Champa said, “It looks like the difference between what was budgeted and the actual budget is only one-fourth of a percent…I think that is outstanding after eleven months. There are not a lot of businesses that could come out this close.”

On May 21 the estimated general fund balance on June 30, 2012 will be $2,516,081 or 17.5% of expenditures ($10,391,597) from the fund. This is enough to pay out 9.1 weeks of expenses in the district at the beginning of the next year. The fund balance on June 30, 2011 was $2,533,653 or 18.9%. This covered 9.8 weeks of expenses. The district set a goal to maintain a 16.0% general fund balance in May 2011.