Perseverance garners most attention in soft skills poll

/ 11 September 2013 / eunice

Search Institute, September 11, 2013 – The results of Search Institute’s Soft Skills Prioritization Poll are in!

Nearly 1,800 people responded, with many people commenting on how enthusiastic they are about strengthening young people’s noncognitive skills. We didn’t ask people to choose one skill over another, because we know all of them are important to healthy youth development. Instead, we asked respondents to indicate how important they saw each of the 10.

As the final results show, people see all 10 soft skills in our poll as intertwined and important to emphasize. By a slim margin, they identified perseverance as the skill they most want to strengthen in young people, followed closely by emotional competence and self-regulation.

Respondents to the poll identified the primary setting in which they interact with young people. The settings included: a faith-based organization, a mentoring program, a school, an after-school or summer program, family, or “other.” To see how people in each of these settings evaluated the noncognitive skills in the poll, please visit our results page.

To learn more about how you can help kids to persist in achieving goals, sign up for our free webinar on Search Institute’s Perseverance Process, Got Grit? Help Your Child Develop a Sense of Perseverance, on September 24 at 12PM CDT. Dr. Kent Pekel will discuss ways to close the gap between what children aspire to do and what actions they take to reach those goals.