Mabel-Canton High School receives top rating

/ 6 June 2012 / jennifer

Bluff Country News, June 6, 2012 –

Minnesota schools got their first look at their school’s performance using a brand new system of evaluation on May 22.

The new multiple measurement rating (MMR) system identified Mabel-Canton High School with the initial designation of a “Reward School.”

The MMR designations are currently assigned to only those schools who receive Title I funding. A “Reward” school is in the top 15 percent compared to schools at a similar age level. This designation was based on data from the 2010 and 2011 state test scores.

All schools across the state received a multiple measurement rating, a point system that distributes schools equally across a spectrum from 0-100 and is being used to designate schools as “priority,” “focus” or “reward.” The MMR rating is a percentage calculated by dividing the number of points a school earns by the number of points available to earn in the following four areas of proficiency on standardized tests, academic growth from year to year, graduation rates, and the ability to shrink the achievement gap between middle-class white students and minority students.

Mabel-Canton administration congratulates the students, staff and the community on this fabulous designation that few other schools in the state achieved. This is a testament to the strong support of education that exists in this district.