Letter to Governor Mark Dayton from Parents United

/ 16 May 2015 / Shawna



Honorable Mark Dayton

116 Veterans Service Building

20 West 12th St.

St. Paul, MN 55155


Dear Governor Dayton:

Parents United for Public Schools wishes to thank you for your unflagging dedication to the education of our children.

We stand with you and support your efforts to increase the target for education to at least $550 million. In our recent press conference, in an attempt to influence Senate and House leadership to raise their targets, we too asked the question, “If not now, when?” If we cannot fund schools in a time of budget surplus, when can we?

We are disappointed that your more realistic education target of $700 million was so quickly dismissed by House and Senate leadership and now your modest counter offer is disparaged. It is unsettling to think this is happening in a time of surplus.

Parents look to their legislative leaders to fulfill the one constitutional mandate they have to provide a uniform and efficient system of public schools. To so discount this mandate through inadequate funding is unconscionable.

We applaud your leadership in pushing back on this inadequate and ineffective education spending target.


Mary Cecconi

Policy Director