Letter to Higher Learning Commission–please protect PSEO

/ 3 September 2015 / Shawna
Dr. David Anderson
President, Board of Trustees
Higher Learning Commission
230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500
Chicago, Illinois 60604-1411


September 3, 2015


Dear Dr. Anderson,

Parents United for Public Schools is a statewide, parent-led non-profit that has been operating in Minnesota for 12 years. In our role, we keep the public informed regarding state and federal legislation that impacts public schools.

We have recently been informed that it is the Higher Learning Commission’s intent to implement additional credentialing standards for high school faculty teaching concurrent enrollment courses. These recommended guidelines are of great concern to us.

Minnesota has long been a state where expanding opportunities for students is of utmost importance. These guidelines, as written, will seriously curtail student opportunity and impede their ability to gain the educations they deserve.

It is also of great concern that these recommendations come with little public input. Even educators, administrators, state policy makers and the Minnesota Commissioner of Education have been unable to weigh in on the changes.

The research is clear; those who have the opportunity to be involved with college classes early in their educational careers are more likely to complete degrees. Minnesota has used this research to form education policy that includes an emphasis on concurrent enrollment. I would be happy to provide that research to your Commission.

It is critical that the implementation of these additional credentialing standards be put on hold until a deeper, more inclusive conversation can be had. Hopefully, that conversation can lead to effective policies that serve the intended purpose. I look forward to your reply.



Laura Kelly Lovdahl, ED


cc Dr. Barbara Gellman-Danley