ESSA rule making public comment period

/ 14 January 2016 / Eric

As you recently heard, the Elementary and Secondary School Act (ESSA) has been reauthorized and a new federal education law is being implemented: the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESEA). As it true with every new law that requires rules, or means by which the law can be put into practice, the department who will implement the law (in this case the U.S. Department of Education) must provide opportunities for the public to offer advice and recommendations on those rules. “Rule making” is the legal process by which the law will be implemented. This is our time to provide input on ESSA. Comments will be read or heard by a judge who is then responsible for following up on all concerns raised by the public.

Please see this letter from Senator Al Franken’s office with instructions on how to submit your comments in writing by January 21, 2016. You will also find here the dates and times of regional meetings that interested members of the public may attend to offer comments in person. Please feel free to contact Al Franken’s office (651-221-2609) or Parents United (651-999-7391) for assistance.