Don’t use kids for politics

/ 16 March 2012 / jennifer

Mankato Free Press Editorial, March 16, 2012 –

Thumbs down

To the public relations machines of both Democrats and Republicans in Minnesota for their references to “hurting the kids” in their never ending partisan battles.

The Twitter wars erupted when Democrats and Republicans had differences in what to do with the projected growth of state revenues reported in the February forecast. Democrats favored closing a corporate tax loophole to keep reserve higher and pay back schools. Republicans wanted to forego what some see as a corporate tax increase via closing the loophole and just give about $430 million of the surplus/reserve to pay back some of the $2.4 billion owed schools.

But reading the public relations Tweets from both sides you’d think the other was the wicked stepmother from Cinderella.

The Republicans tweeted: “House GOP votes to repay schools; most DFL fail to support continuing their legacy of debt to school kids.”

From the Democrats: “GOP refuse to put kids over corporate interests. DFL has the only plan to fully pay back our kids.”

Using such exploitative and perfidious language falls beneath even the typically low standards of public relations political spin. It’s not only ineffective and unnecessary, it’s a bad example for the kids.