Bemidji School Board: Four teachers rehired

/ 22 May 2012 / jennifer

Kayla Prasek, Bemidji Pioneer, May 22, 2012 –

Four teachers were rehired at Monday’s Bemidji School Board meeting, after their positions were terminated at the April 23 board meeting.

After the specialist schedules were made for the 2012-13 school year, certain positions needed to be filled for the coming year, Bemidji Area Schools Human Resources Director Jordan Hickman said. Rehired teachers were:

  • Jill Derouin to teach .6 full-time equivalent in elementary art.
  • Kathryn McCannell to teach .8 elementary physical education.
  • Jacqueline Robertson to teach 1.0 elementary physical education.
  • Sara Wabrowetz to teach .8 middle school vocal music.

In other staffing additions and reductions, Nancy Northard’s full-time position for blind or visually impaired education will be reduced to .7. Hickman said the reason for this reduction is that the Bemidji Regional Interdistrict Council no longer needs to purchase services from Independent School District 31.

In addition to the discussed staffing changes, Kathy Palm, director of curriculum and administrative services for Bemidji Area Schools, presented the spring 2012 Measures of Academic Progress results for grades 2-8. Testing was done two months earlier than normal, Palm said.

Superintendent James Hess said MAP testing was moved up after requests from district principals.

“The spring gets so busy with all the testing, so we moved the MAP testing up eight weeks so the students and teachers aren’t so overwhelmed,” Hess said.

In reading testing, eighth grade performed three points above the norm, while in mathematics, fifth, seventh and eighth grades tested more than three points above the norm. For both reading and mathematics, all grades performed at or above the norm.

Palm and Hess both said they though scores would have been higher had testing been done at its normal time.

Other items of interest the board discussed included:

  • Two elementary principals were approved for hire. Wendy K. Templin was hired to be the principal at Northern Elementary and Paul Bunyan Kindergarten Center and Ami Aalgaard was hired to be the principal at Horace May Elementary.
  • The board approved release from contract requests from District Nurse Kathleen Mack, Elementary Principal Ranae M. Case and Northern Elementary Education Teacher Angela L. Olson.
  • Superintendent James Hess announced a new emergency notification system – Skylert – which will go into use for the 2012-13 school year. Hess said the system sends out notification through text message, email or telephone call and will send notification for more than just weather alerts.