1st Annual Educational Equity Conference: Affirming Promise, Achieving Success – Saturday, May 5th, 2012

/ 25 April 2012 / jennifer

The Educational Equity Leaders Association (EELA) invites you to our first annual Educational Equity Leaders Conference: Affirming Promise, Achieving Success. The EELA Conference will be an excellent opportunity for educational equity leaders to gain knowledge of current and proven threories, frameworks, and research, along with best and promising practices that support increased academic outcomes and educational equity. The conference will provide a structured time and space for equity leaders from across the region to collaborate, engage in new learning, and critically reflect on our work.

The conference will include local, regional, and national level speakers and presentations focusing on key themes and questions related to educational equity:

  • What are the implications of equity statute, rule and policy for the practices of educational equity leaders?
  • How might equity leaders frame their practice to enhance and sustain the social gains of equity and justice?
  • How might school leaders effectively frame their practice in social justice and student achievement?
  • How can educational equity and social justice curricular approaches provide a framework for student agency and success?
  • How do we attract, recruit, and retain edcuators who have a commitment to the success of all of their students, and a passion for the use of education as a key strategy twoard social justice?
  • What are the implications of a strong commitment to equity and social justice for higher education and other educational preparation programs?
  • What examples of education/business partnerships exist that advance the effective, equitable education of all children?

Conference Schedule
8:00a:    Registration
8:45a:    Keynote Speaker – Eric Cooper, National Urban Alliance
9:45a:    Break
10:00a:  Breakout Sessions: Mary Cecconi, Artika Tyner, Seena Makeeba Skelton, Sharon Radd
11:00a:  Break
11:15a:  Breakout Sessions: Michele Bierman, Rashad Turner, Regina Seabrook, Marceline Jacobson
12:15p:  Lunch
1:00p:    Panel: Superintendent John Thein, Representative Carlos Mariani, Mary Cecconi
2:15p:    Conference Closing


University of St. Thomas

Terrence Murphy Hall

Minneapolis Campus (Campus Map)


FREE and Open to the Public (includes conference materials and food)

**Who Should Attend?

** All who have a purpose or passion for educational equity and student success, including:


Equity Leaders

District and Building Level Administrators

Community Leaders

Political Advocates

Policy Makers

Higer Education Professionals

Business Professionals

Registration Note: There are two events happening that are directly related; the Julian Parker Lecture on Friday and the Equity Conference on Saturday. The registration link begins with the Friday event. When you register you are given the option of registering for one or both of the events once you make it past the initial landing page.

Click here to register.