School Readiness

Kids need to be ready for Kindergarten. Kindergarteners need to come to school having met many developmental milestones: following directions, sharing with others, a developing vocabulary, counting, knowledge of shapes and colors. Yet, more kids than ever in Minnesota are coming to Kindergarten unprepared to learn. Gaps in achievement between children start young and, without interventions, continue. Schooling at the preschool level has proven one of the most effective ways to improve student success later on.


New Study: High-quality preschool for poor kids under 3 would eliminate achievement gap

The Power of Talking to Your Baby – “By the time a poor child is 1 year old, she has most likely already fallen behind middle-class children in her ability to talk, understand and learn. The gap between poor children and wealthier ones widens each year, and by high school it has become a chasm.”

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