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(a mini) Update for May 29, 2015

While We’re Waiting… Governor Dayton, Majority Leader Bakk and Speaker Daudt have been meeting behind closed doors to work out their differences. Rumblings suggest they are getting closer, and that the Governor could call the special session any minute. While we don’t have an official Update for you this week, we do have a list of […]

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Update for May 22, 2015: So Now What?

What a debacle! The end of session brought a series of bills passed by sleep-deprived legislators asked to cast votes on bills they had yet to read. When this has happened in the past it has always resulted in errors. It is disheartening that it comes down to this when lawmakers had five months to […]

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Update for May 15, 2015

Tick Tock, Tick Tock We are sitting at the Capitol waiting for the Education Conference Committee to be called. Throughout the weekend, we’ll post ongoing updates on FB and twitter. If the bill is completed this weekend, we’ll provide details in an Update early next week. At this point, a special session is within the […]

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Update for May 8, 2015: Rub a Dub Dub!

Thank you to the nearly 150 people who showed up for the May 4 press conference. It meant a lot, and was the beginning of the last lap. These are the final hours to influence the targets and your voices are instrumental. Don’t jump ship now! Make that call today! At the Capitol You are making […]

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Update for May 1, 2015: Change the Outcome

This Week at the Capitol Wondering what’s happening with the 2015 E12 Omnibus bills? Each bill has passed off the floor of their respective chamber and is waiting to begin the conference committee process. The House E12 Omnibus bill passed on a 69-61 vote, while the Senate passed TWO education omnibus bills—one policy (53-13) and […]

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Update for April 24, 2015 — #more4kidsmn

Parents, students and teachers around the state are making their exasperation over the education spending targets heard AT THE RIGHT TIME AND TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE! Since our last update, there is a greater  understanding of  what is happening at the Capitol that will impact schools and people are acting!  We have a couple of weeks to change […]

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Update for April 17, 2015: Now it’s Up to Us!

In a departure from our usual approach, we are being right up front and asking you to act. You know us. We’re not prone to hyperbole and we don’t take positions lightly, but these underfunding proposals are just unacceptable and we need to stop them! It really is that important. Please read this update and […]

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Update for April 10, 2015–Make a Call for Kids

At the Capitol Everyone is back from spring break and the education finance omnibus bills will be out next week–but there is work to be done right NOW. It’s time for us at Parents United to urge you as friends who care about education to contact your legislators immediately if you want to avoid cuts at […]

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Update for March 27, 2015: Much Ado About [Next to] Nothing

This week at the Capitol This is the week when each body lays its cards on the table and we see what they intend to spend on education over the next two years. The House GOP released its target and simply put, they propose to spend $156 million new dollars for all of E-12 education. […]

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Update for March 20, 2015: Omnibus bills have landed

This week at the Capitol The omnibus part of the session has begun! We now have a Senate Education Policy Omnibus Bill and a House Education Innovation Policy Omnibus Bill. These are not to be confused with the Governor’s Education Policy Bill, presented earlier by The Commissioner of Education. At this point, the Governor’s bill […]

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