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Letter to Higher Learning Commission–please protect PSEO

Dr. David Anderson President, Board of Trustees Higher Learning Commission 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500 Chicago, Illinois 60604-1411   September 3, 2015   Dear Dr. Anderson, Parents United for Public Schools is a statewide, parent-led non-profit that has been operating in Minnesota for 12 years. In our role, we keep the public informed regarding […]

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While We Wait…

HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO! IF YOU SUPPORT THE GOVERNOR’S BUDGET TARGET, CALL HIM! While we wait to hear about a Special Session, we can still have influence. Share with friends across the state and use social media: the broader the message, the more it is taken seriously! Email your friends, family, neighbors, PTO/A members and […]

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Letter to Governor Mark Dayton from Parents United

    Honorable Mark Dayton 116 Veterans Service Building 20 West 12th St. St. Paul, MN 55155   Dear Governor Dayton: Parents United for Public Schools wishes to thank you for your unflagging dedication to the education of our children. We stand with you and support your efforts to increase the target for education to […]

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Your Voice is Instrumental!


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Schools need you now…

Legislators are simply your friends and neighbors. Right now, parents around the state are letting them know how they want to be represented! Join those voices before the sun sets today. The House GOP has released its budget targets and proposes to spend $156 million new dollars for all of E-12 education. The Senate’s target is […]

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Early Learning: universal pre-K and scholarships

In February of 2015, Rep. Erin Murphy (DFL—St. Paul) introduced HF46, which establishes and funds a state wide universal all-day preschool program for four-year olds not receiving an early learning scholarship. Author, Rep. Murphy, told us that she believes voluntary pre-K should be available for four year olds across Minnesota. If we choose to invest […]

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Testing and Assessment: Terms and Acronyms

Formative assessments – Tests, quizzes, skills checks, observations that teachers use on an ongoing basis to modify and evaluate their instruction and check for student understanding Summative assessments – Tests that take place after a given unit of instruction or academic period that are used to judge student competency and program or course effectiveness MCAs […]

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Parents: What We Hear You Saying

College for All? Throughout the 20th century, high school graduation statistics steadily improved, reaching a high of approximately 70% in the 1960’s. Now, lawmakers and schools promote a goal of 100% graduation from high school and a college education for all. Meanwhile, respected business leaders have argued that innovation and success in America no longer […]

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School Funding is a Warm Sweater

I was recently standing around the printer for teacher’s use at my son’s public elementary school, waiting for my Lego League rules to print. In the 23 minutes I waited, 9 teachers popped in and out to see if their print job was done. “Yes,” they agreed. Printing and copying in this building is under-resourced […]

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A successful school-community partnership: Minnesota Reading Corps

Ann Hobbie, Parents United for Public Schools, May 20, 2014 In the coming year, Parents United will highlight ways that partnerships with the community are helping schools and their students achieve outcomes. Minnesota Reading Corps is the first of these success stories we share. AmeriCorps, a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service […]

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