School Funding in 2013-14 Session

Governor’s Budget Proposal – January 22, 2013

Governor Mark Dayton’s proposed FY 2014-15 budget calls for an additional $640+ million for Minnesota students. This includes:

  • $118 million in School Funding
  • $240 million for Higher Education
  • $125 million for Special Education
  • $44 million for Early Childhood Education Scholarships
  • $40 million for All Day Kindergarten
  • $10 million for Teacher Evaluation
  • $8.9 million for English Language Learning
  • $4.5 million for Regional Centers of Excellence

For more details, view presentation from the Office of Management and Budget.

From Minnesota Budget Project, an analysis of Governor Dayton’s education budget proposals.

House spending targets – March 2013

Senate spending targets – March 2013

What does Minnesota spend money on? (graphic)

The President’s 2014 Budget Proposal for Education

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