2013-14 House and Senate Education Committees

Regular meeting times and locations are listed here; use the committee links to confirm the agenda and meeting time on any given day.

House Education Finance
Meets Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:15-9:45 am
Room 10 State Office Building
Chair Paul Marquart

House Education Policy
Meets Tuesday and Thursday, 10-11:30 am
Basement Hearing Room State Office Building
Chair Carlos Mariani

House Early Childhood and Youth Development Policy
Meets Tuesday and Wednesday, 4-5:30 pm
Room 5 State Office Building
Chair Joe Mullery

Senate E-12 Division
Meets Monday through Friday, 8:30-11 am
Room 112 Capitol
Chair Chuck Wiger

Senate Education
Meets Tuesday and Thursday, 12:00-2:30 pm
Room 112 Capitol
Chair Patricia Torres Ray