2012 Education Bills

Education bills heard in the 2012 legislative session.

House Education Finance

HF2949 (Garofalo) Early childhood and kindergarten through grade 12 policy and finance provisions modified, reports required, and money appropriated. There is a delete-all amendment for HF2949:** DE5-A11 Amendment    DE5-A6 Amendment    DE-A7 Amendment    DE5-A10 Amendment    HF2949-DE5 Amendment    DE5-A1 Amendment    DE5-A3 Amendment**

HF2939 (Downey-R-Edina) School district detachment and annexation proposal petition requirements modified.

HF2918 (Anzelc-DFL-Balsam Township) School district transportation aid provisions modified.

HF2917 (Quam-R-Byron) School district debt limits repealed. Special presentation on physical education.

HF2890 (Quam-R-Byron) Mobile technology funding provided for a pilot project designed to increase the efficiency and efficacy of instructional services, and money appropriated.

HF2838 (Howes-R-Walker) Independent School District No. 31, Bemidji, supplemental pupil grant created.

HF2792 (Doepke-R-Orono) Independent School District No. 284, Wayzata, lease levy authorized for administrative space.

HF2779 (Rukavina-DFL-Virginia) Nonferrous minerals taxation rates modified, and production tax revenue distribution modified.

HF2778 (Fabian-R-Roseau) Federally mandated pupil transportation radio communications updates made eligible for education health and safety revenue.

HF2729 (Loon-R-Eden Prairie) Parent-child home program funding provided, and money appropriated.

HF2714 (Woodard-R-Belle Plaine) Charter school accountability and success fostered, and money appropriated.

HF2651 (Loon-R-Eden Prairie) Teachers charged with felonies suspensions without pay authorize

HF2645 (Erickson-R-Princeton) School district cooperative facilities grants limited.

HF2640 (Dettmer-R-Forest Lake) Pay differential law amended as it applies to school district employees who are members of the National Guard or any other reserve unit.

HF2647 (Myhra-R-Burnsville) Public data definition relating to agreements involving payment of public money clarified.

HF2625 (Peppin-R-Rogers) Independent School District No. 728, Elk River, equity revenue adjusted by the metro equity region factor for students residing in the region.

HF2604 (Quam-R-Byron) Permissible fund transfer expanded.

HF2577 (Torkelson-R-Nelson Township) Independent School District No. 88, New Ulm onetime fund transfer permitted.

HF2554 (Mariani-DFL-St. Paul) Career and technical levy eliminated.

HF2540 (Barrett-R-Shafer) School district state aid new source created for districts with below average revenue.

HF2506 (Loon-R-Eden Prairie) School district reserved staff development revenue allocation requirement stricken.

HF2468 (Vogel-R-Willmar) School district pension subtraction repealed.

HF2433 (Garofalo-R-Farmington) – Legacy arts funding for schools (Informational Hearing Only)

HF2419 (Garofalo-R-Farmington) 90 percent aid payments required for charter schools in their first three years.

HF2383 (Barrett-R-Shafer) St. Croix River Education District; building lease levy alternative uses permitted.

HF2376 (LeMieur-R-Little Falls) School food service fund equipment purchase approval process simplified.

HF2244 (ODriscoll-R-Sartell) Permanent School Fund Advisory Committee changed into a legislative commission, and commission authority granted to employ a director to oversee, manage, and administer school trust lands.

HF2192 (Drazkowski-R-Mazeppa) Independent School District No. 857 Lewiston-Altura authorized to exercise remaining disability access project levy authority.

HF2109 (Hancock-R-Bemidji) Independent School District No. 38, Red Lake; facility construction and renovation funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF2083 (Garofalo-R-Farmington) House Education Finance Omnibus bill.

HF2078 (Dittrich-DFL-Champlin) Nonpublic pupil textbook aid expanded.

HF2075 (Dittrich-DFL-Champlin) Permanent school fund revenue required to be set aside for school technology purposes.

HF2037 (Garofalo-R-Farmington) Community education, school readiness, and Early Childhood Family Education fund balance penalties eliminated.

HF2036 (Garofalo-R-Farmington) Permanent school fund district allocation increases required to be reserved for school technology purposes.

HF2011 (Winkler-DFL-Golden Valley) Perpich Center for the Arts funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF2001 (McFarlane-R-WBL) Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School District funding provided for a new facility, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF1997 (Davids-R-Preston) Independent School District No. 239, Rushford-Peterson; funding provided for two school facilities, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF1983 (Garofalo-R-Farmington) No Child Left Behind Act non-implementation fiscal impact annual management and budget report repealed.

HF1913 (McDonald-R-Delano) Delano, Monticello, and Rockford; onetime school district fund transfer authorized.

HF1859 (Garofalo-R-Farmington) Metro equity region date establishment modified relating to education finance.

HF1858 Operating referenda required to be held at the general election in even-numbered years.

HF1778 (Cornish-R-Vernon Center) Independent School District No. 2134, United South Central, funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF1794 (Fritz-DFL-Faribault) Minnesota State Academies funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF1851 (McFarlane-R-WBL) Library accessibility and improvement grants funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF1586 (McDonald-R-Delano) Motorcycle safety education program fund allocation provisions modified.

HF1413 (Fritz-DFL-Faribault) Independent School District No. 656, Faribault, lease levy authorized for administrative space.

HF1264 (Hancock-R-Bemidji) Red Lake; Independent School District No. 38 facilities renovation and construction funding provided, bonds issued, and money appropriated.

HF638 (Myhra-R-Burnsville) School grading system created, school recognition program created, school report cards modified, rulemaking authorized, and report required.

HF329 (Bills-R-Rosemount) Public school employees prohibited from using public funds and resources to advocate to pass, elect, or defeat a political candidate, ballot question, or pending legislation.

HF269 (Downey-R-Edina) Teacher contract qualified economic offer provided.

HF0371/SF247 (Hoppe-R-Chaska) Public employees insurance program (PEIP) local government employees participation or withdrawal approval requirements; service cooperative health insurance refund regulation.

SF946 (Erickson-R-Princeton) School districts joint operation and innovative delivery of education pilot project establishment.

House Education Reform

HF2835 (Erickson-R-Princeton) Education provision clarified.

HF2801 (Woodard-R-Belle Plaine) Charter school student population accountability measures clarified.

HF2759 (Erickson-R-Princeton) Board of School Administrators provisions modified.

HF2658 (Doepke-R-Orono) Individualized learning schools creation provided; site-governed school, postsecondary enrollment options, and charter school provisions modified.

HF2621 (Kelly-R-Red Wing) Special or independent school districts made subject to mayoral control.

HF2596 (Doepke-R-Orono) Commissioner of education prohibited from enforcing unadopted rules

HF2580 (Loon-R-Eden Praire) Parents empowered to request school district intervention in a persistently low-performing school.

HF2530 (Kiel-R-Crookston) Probationary teachers; school board notification date changed by one month.

HF2329 (Holberg-R-Lakeville) CPR training and instruction requirements clarified.

HF2325 (Doepke-R-Orono) School districts prohibited from holding school on the Thursday and Friday before Labor Day.

HF2310 (Erickson-R-Princeton) Education; obsolete statutes repealed.

HF2293 (Davnie-DFL-Minneapolis) School districts; ability to use prone restraints extended to one additional year, and data collection and reporting required.

HF2180 (Garofalo-R-Farmington) Federal adequate yearly progress measurements specified, and lowest performing elementary and high schools required to submit to a turnaround strategy.

HF2127 (Myhra-R-Burnsville) Online learning parameters modified, and digital learning provided. (Background Information: K-12 Online Learning – Evaluation report by the Office of the Legislative Auditor, September 19, 2011.)

HF2025 (Urdahl-R-Grove City) Postsecondary enrollment options program expanded.

HF1917 (Erickson-R-Princeton) School boards’ ability to conduct school on holidays clarified.

HF1870 (Petersen-R-Andover) School districts allowed to base unrequested leave of absence and discharge and demotion decisions on teacher evaluation outcomes.

HF1860 (Woodard) Operating referendum levy aids provided to charter schools.

HF1828 (Anderson, P) Early education scholarship funds required to be awarded to greater Minnesota.

HF1585 (Anderson) Minnesota State High School League interscholastic conference membership arrangement 180-day good faith effort requirement limited exception allowed.

HF1542 (Eken-DFL-Twin Valley) School start date exception made for school districts that suffer natural disasters.

HF1524 (Mariani-DFL-St. Paul) Substitute principal continuing education requirements clarified.

HF1510 (Erickson-R-Princeton) Alternative compensation revenue made available to school principals and assistant principals.

HF1484 (Kelly-R-Red Wing) Adult education tracking system modified.

HF755 (Erickson-R-Princeton) School district pilot project established to examine joint operations to provide innovative delivery of programs and activities and share resources.

HF682 (Kiel-R-Crookston) Career and technical levy modified, and career and technical education credits provided.

HF300 (Erickson) Early childhood development screening comprehensive eye exams recommended.

HF273 (Woodard-R-Belle Plaine) Students at low-performing schools enrollment options established.

SF1213 (Kelly) Adult education tracking system modified.

Senate Education

SF2535 (Olson-R-Minnetrista) School administrators board duties modifications; fee adjustment authorization.

SF2482 (Olson-R-Minnetrista) Education finance provisions modifications.

SF2462 Teachers charged with felonies suspensions without pay.

SF2460 (Harrington-DFL-St. Paul) Charter school student populations accountability measures clarification.

SF2420 (Bonoff-DFL-Minnetonka) Teacher basic skills examination passage extended time period.

SF2373 (Bonoff-DFL-Minnetonka) Independent school district #284, Wayzata; lease levy for administration space authorization.

SF2306 (Michel-R-Edina) Mayoral control of certain metropolitan area special or independent school districts authorization.

SF2228 (Wiger-DFL-Oakdale-Maplewood-North St. Paul) Prekindergarten through grade 12 education policy provisions modification

SF2213 (Nelson-R-Rochester) School principal evaluation provisions modifications

SF2201 (Olson, G-R-Minnetrista) Improved Achievement through Individualized Learning Act; individualized learning schools creation; site-governed school, postsecondary enrollment options (PSEO), and charter school provisions modifications

SF2189 (Nelson-R-Rochester) School districts permissible fund transfers expansion.

SF2183 (Thompson-R-Lakeville) Education commissioner unadopted rules enforcement prohibition.

SF2158 (Dahms-Redwood Falls) Independent school district #88, New Ulm; funds transfer authorization.

SF2113 (Hann-R-Eden Prairie) Charter school authorizer provisions modifications

SF2107 (Bonoff-DFL-Minnetonka) Parent-child home programs early childhood scholarships grants appropriation

SF2088 (Hann-R-Eden Prairie) Probationary teachers contract nonrenewal notification requirement date change

SF2059 Nelson-R- Rochester) Education staff development reserved revenue allocation requirement elimination

SF2058 (Chamberlain-R-Lino Lakes) Obsolete education statutes repeal

SF2041 (Stumpf-DFL-Thief River Falls) School district career and technical levy limit removal.

SF2038 (Vandeveer-R-Forest lake) Home-schooled students attending charter school shared time aid payment clarification

SF1990 (Kruse-R-Brooklyn Park) Nonpublic pupil textbook aid use expansion

SF1971 (Gazelka-R-Brainerd) Food service equipment purchased from food service fund approval process simplification.

SF1932 (Bonoff-DFL-Minnetonka) Substitute principals continuing education requirements clarification

SF1917 (Wolf-R-Spring lake Park) School district prone restraint usage extension and data collection and reporting requirements.

SF1909 (Senjem-R-Rochester) Racino establishment and revenue allocation.

SF1889 Kruse-R-Brooklyn Park) Permanent school fund advisory committee change into the legislative-citizen permanent school fund commission.

SF1760 (Nienow-R-Cambridge) St. Croix River education district members building lease levy alternative use authorization.

SF1693 (Rosen-R-Fairmont) Independent school district #2134, United South Central; cooperative facilities grant bond issue and appropriation. This will be an informal review. No action can be taken as S.F. 1693 is currently in the Capitol Investment Committee.

SF1690 (Wolf-R-Spring Lake Park) School districts to base leave of absence and discharge decisions on teacher evaluation outcomes

SF1656 (Nelson-R-Rochester) High school academic standards and graduation requirements cyclical revision legislative authorization requirement.

SF1602 (Miller-R-Winona) ISD 239, Rushford-Peterson, school facility bond issue and appropriation, currently in capital investment

SF1531 (Olson, G.-R-Minnetrista) Postsecondary enrollment options (PSEO) program expansion

SF1528 (Nelson-R-Rochester) K-12 online learning parameters modifications; online learning change to digital learning.

SF1493 (Daley-R-Egan) Teacher candidates basic skills exam requirement.

SF1165 (Nienow-R-Cambridge) Children early intervention criteria modification

SF1160 (Hann-R-Eden Prairie) Student school entrance comprehensive eye examinations parental recommendation requirement.

SF1139 (Parry-R-Waseca) Independent school district #656, Faribault; administrative space lease levy authorization.

SF1094 (Chamberlain-R-Lino Lakes) Education boards authorization and school boards reorganization as education boards authorization.

SF1073 (Nelson-R-Rochester) School districts transition planning for high school students to successfully pursue postsecondary education and employment

SF789 (Olson, G-R-Minnetrista) General education operating capital levy provision obsolete language removal.

SF577 (Thompson-R-Lakeville) Public school employees use of public funds and resources to advocate to pass, elect or defeat a political candidate, ballot question or pending legislation prohibition.

SF451 (Stumpf-DFL-Thief River Falls) School districts career and technical levy formula modification; career and technical education academic credit requirement.

SF388 (Nienow-R-Cambridge) Low-performing school students enrollment options; nonpublic school eligibility requirements.

SF315 (Olson-R-Minnetrista) School lease levy authority modification.

HF2515 (Senjem-R-Rochester) Independent school district debt limits repeal.

HF2291 (Nelson-R-Rochester) Adult basic education program service disruptions definition and contact hours adjustments process.

HF1585 (Gimse-R-Willmar) Interscholastic conference membership state high school league arrangement requirement exception authorization

HF873 (Olson,G.-R-Minnetrista) General education operating capital provision obsolete language removed