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How Do We Spend Your Money?

Parents United is a resource to help the public understand the complexity and ramifications of education issues. As the only Minnesota-born, parent-led organization in the state existing to unite those who value public education and helping them be strong advocates for excellence in public schools – we know strong public schools serve all of us. Specifically, we:


Engage the public

  • We teach workshops on law-making, education policy and community engagement.
  • We recommend parents for state-level task forces to oversee implementation of laws.
  • We work with diverse parent and community groups to increase their effective involvement with schools and districts.



  • We provide an up-to-date comprehensive website on all things education that is visited by nearly 30,000 individuals each year. Our legislative weekly updates reach subscribers in all 134 legislative districts. Social media extends our reach by an additional 3,000+ individuals.
  • We address groups across Minnesota on current education policies, policy history and trends.
  • While we educate and inform parents and community members, we influence other professionals (school board members, superintendents, teachers, and media) who work in the education arena.
  • We host events throughout the year on current topics in education, including our annual Parent Leadership Summit and Legislative Kick-off.


Analyze policy

  • We attend every education-related committee at the Minnesota Legislature during the legislative session and provide overviews to our membership weekly.
  • We translate what is happening with legislation, including the implications for public schools. Our analysis considers: research (Is it sound?), equity (Is it fair across the state?) and sustainability (Can it last?).
  • We help individuals understand how to get involved to influence bills that interest them.


Collaborate with other organizations

  • We have dozens of nonprofit and agency partners across the state, with whom we collaborate in the interest of students. Some of our most recent collaborations include:
    • MN Department of Education
    • Voices for Racial Justice
    • MN Alliance for Student Achievement
    • MinneMinds
  • We learn from each other, working toward common goals to improve public education.