Our Work

Why Parents United?
Parents United for Public Schools exists to unite and empower those who value public education in Minnesota to be strong advocates for excellence in our public schools.

Our mission is to:

  • Educate and engage the public
  • Hold elected officials accountable
  • Promote an environment in which public schools flourish

To do this we:

  1. Actively educate and engage a growing statewide network of parents and other citizens who will act on behalf of Minnesota’s public school children;
  2. Hold elected officials accountable for providing the necessary policies and funding to enable public schools to meet state and federal academic standards and allow all students to reach their highest potential; and,
  3. Continually work with parents, school officials, teachers, business and community leaders across Minnesota to promote an environment in which public schools can flourish.

Parents United provides the following activities and resources statewide.

  • By tracking, providing analysis of, and communicating complicated legislative education issues, Parents United provides parents and community members the information they need to make informed choices and give knowledgeable input to elected officials.
  • Parents United provides easily accessible information about public school issues through our website and a regular e-mail newsletter. The website, and Parents United in general, has become a “one-stop shop” for parents, legislators, policy-makers, and the press to understand education policy issues and legislative proposals.
  • Parents United provides interactive, on-site presentations about public education issues at local parent and community groups across the state.
  • Parents United connects parents and community leaders across districts, allowing them to learn from one another, replicate successful efforts, and build confidence and cohesiveness.
  • Parents United answers individual parent questions, one-on-one, about education policy and funding and their impact on local schools.
  • Parents United helps parents testify for both House and Senate Education committees.
  • Parents United helps parents navigate the policy-making process.