Our Principles

Parents United for Public Schools is a statewide parent-run initiative that exists to unite those who value public education, empowering them to be strong advocates for excellence in our public schools. We promote an environment where public schools and students can thrive.

Since we formed ten years ago, we have watched public school funding and policy decisions made in the political arena be too often disconnected from research or vision. To deliver a public school system that provides an excellent education for each child, that closes the current unacceptable achievement gap and that produces a highly educated work force, Minnesota must have a comprehensive approach and sustained effort.

Parents United for Public Schools looks beyond politics to policy. We call for Minnesota’s leaders to move beyond political gamesmanship, deliver strong leadership, and engage the public productively and authentically in the urgent need of providing the best public schools for our children.

To that end, we believe Minnesota must:

  • Use data, research and meaningful evaluation to improve teaching and learning.
  • Implement research-based family engagement models that increase student achievement.
  • Promote policies and investments to assist communities in ensuring students come to school physically and mentally ready to learn.
  • Invest in early education.
  • Recruit, prepare, support and retain great teachers and principals.
  • Provide rigorous academics that prepare every student access to post-secondary opportunities.
  • Provide policies that increase post-secondary completion rates for our youth.
  • Design schools systems that are student centered, utilizing a variety of models, schedules and calendars.
  • Design schools where all cultures are included and connections are made across local and global cultural divides.
  • Fund schools sufficiently and predictably to produce world-class performance.