About Us

Parents United existed to unite and empower those who value public education in Minnesota to be strong advocates for excellence in our public schools. We dissolved in June 2016. This website is here for the record, but should be considered out of date.

Our Work

Parents United is in the business of helping the public understand and affect the quality of public education in Minnesota for the benefit of our kids and our society. We support an equitable public education system that closes the achievement gap. We believe this can be done by providing kids the level playing field of safe, sound and sustainably funded schools. >>>Read More

Our Principles

Parents United for Public Schools looks beyond politics to policy. We call for Minnesota’s leaders to move beyond political gamesmanship, to deliver wise and informed leadership, and to engage the public productively and authentically in the urgent need of providing the best public schools for our children. >>>Read More

In the News

After a decade of work to get parents a seat at the table of education reform, Parents United has become the go-to organization for the public perspective on the transformation of education on topics ranging from education finance to parent involvement to corporate influence on education reform. >>>Read More

How We are Funded, and How We Use our Funding

After a decade of increasing influence at the state level, Parents United has made parents relevant in the policy arena, earning parents a seat at the table of education reform. Relying upon 70% individual donors allows us to maintain the independent voice that parents, community members and policy makers depend upon us to represent.>>>Read More


Read about Parents United’s work in our most recent newsletter. >>>Read More