Education Acronyms from Minnesota School Boards Association

/ 24 September 2014 / Shawna

Education Acronyms

ACT – American College Test
AD – Activities Director
ADA – Average Daily Attendance
ADAAA – Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008
ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
ADM – Average Daily Membership
ALC – Alternative Learning Center
ALP – Alternative Learning Program
AMCPU – Adjusted Marginal Cost Pupil Unit
ANTC – Anticipated Net Tax Capacity
AP – Advanced Placement
ATPPS – Alternative Teacher Professional Pay System
AYP – Average Yearly Progress
BCA – Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
BMS – Bureau of Mediation Services
CLP – Continual Learning Plan
CS – Child Study
D/HH – Deaf/Hard of Hearing
EBD – Emotional Behavior Disorder
ECFE – Early Childhood Family Education
ECSE – Early Childhood Special Education
EdMN – Education Minnesota
EDRS – Electronic Data Reporting Service
EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EIS – Early Intervention Services
E-RATE – Education Rate (federal discount)
ERISA – Employee Retirement Security Act
ESL – English as a Second Language
ESLP – Educational Speech – Language Pathologist
FMLA – Family and Medical Leave Act
FTE – Full-Time Equivalent
FY – Fiscal Year
GED – General Education Diploma
GPA – Grade Point Average
HACA – Homestead Agricultural Credit
HI – Hearing Impaired
IB – International Baccalaureate
IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEP – Individual Education Program
IFSP – Individual Family Service Plan
ISD – Independent School District
IT – Information Technology
ITBS – Iowa Tests of Basic Skills
ITV – Interactive Television
LD – Learning Disability
LEA – Local Education Agency
LEP – Limited English Proficiency
LLA – Last Location of Attendance
LTD – Long-Term Disability
LYPS – Learning Year Program Site
MAEOP – Minnesota Association of Educational Office Professionals
MARSS – Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System
MASA – Minnesota Association of School Administrators
MASBO – Minnesota Association of School Business Officials
MASSP – Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals
MCA – Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments
MDE – Minnesota Department of Education
MEEP – Minnesota Education Effectiveness Plan
MinnSPRA – Minnesota School Public Relations Association
MITN – Minnesota Interactive Television Networks
MLA – Minnesota Library Association
MMMI – Mild to Moderate Mentally Impaired (EMH)
MNSCU – Minnesota State Colleges and University System
MNTAAB – Minnesota Tax and Aid Anticipation Borrowing Program
MREA – Minnesota Rural Education Association
MRNet – Minnesota Regional Network
MS – Minnesota Statute
MSBA – Minnesota School Boards Association
MSBAIT – Minnesota School Boards Association Insurance Trust
MSDLAF – Minnesota School Deposit Liquid Asset Fund
MSHSL – Minnesota State High School League
MSMI – Moderate to Severe Mentally Impaired (TMH)
NCES – National Center for Education Statistics
OCR – Office for Civil Rights
PELRA – Public Employee Labor Relations Act
PERA – Public Employees Retirement Association
PFDA – Pupil Fair Dismissal Act
POHI – Physical or Other Health Impaired
PPACA/ACA – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act/Affordable Care Act
PSEO – Post-Secondary Enrollment Options
PU – Pupil Unit
RFP – Request For Proposal
RMCPU – Resident Marginal Cost Pupil Units
RMIC – Regional Management Information Center
RMV – Referendum Market Value
SAT – Scholastic Aptitude Test
SAT – Student Assistance Team
STARS – Staff Automated Reporting System
STW – School To Work
T & E – Training and Experience
T1 – “Tee one” (large bandwidth copper phone line)
TAG – Telecommunications Access Grant
TIES – Technology and Information Educational Services
TIF – Tax Increment Financing
TIP – Teacher Improvement Plan
TRA – Teachers Retirement Association
TSA – Tax-Sheltered Annuity
UFARS – Uniform Financial Accounting and Reporting Standards
ULA – Unrequested Leave of Absence
URL – Universal Resource Locator
VI – Visually Impaired
WADM – Weighted Average Daily Membership