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  • MN Students Outperform Nation

    For the 9th year in a row, MN students have achieved the nation's highest ACT scores. During these past 9 years, increasing numbers, now up to 76% of MN’s graduating class, completed this college entrance exam. It’s realistic to assume that as more students take the test, the state average would decline, but we have terrific news: that's not what happened! We demonstrated that increasing numbers of our students are college and career ready. And while it is always nice to be considered first in anything, that is the best news of all.
  • Back-to-School: Update

    Read our Update to hear what is different this year in schools across MN: All-Day K for all, free lunch for qualifying students, a bit more money, less reliance on local levies, and anti-bullying legislation are just the beginning!

    In our Update…complete a short survey for Tolerance in Motion, register for Let’s Talk about Transition with the Autism Society of Minnesota, find out about our upcoming events, and learn what YOU can do to promote excellency in public schools.
  • Minnesota takes the lead for Teacher-Powered Schools

    New research from Minnesota-based Education Evolving found overwhelming public support for greater roles for teachers in their classrooms and schools. In a time when teachers and students face mounting pressures and significant obstacles to success, 91% of Americans believe teachers should have greater influence over the decisions that affect students’ learning, with 81% of Americans indicating they trust teachers to “make schools run better.”

    The public supports ensuring that those closest to student learning — teachers — have the tools and authority to help their students and each other meet the growing demands of a 21st century, world-class education. The new Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative aims to catapult that idea, which has already taken root in more than 15 schools across Minnesota, into the national debate.

    Today, there are roughly 60 schools across the country where teams of teachers have secured the autonomy to lead their schools and work closely with parents and the broader community to ensure their student's success.

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