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  • SURVEY, Please

    surveyThank you for attending our January Legislative Kick-Off, reading our Updates, calling with your questions, attending rallies and events, responding to our emails and supporting our work. We would appreciate 5 more minutes of your time to fill out our quick survey! Your feedback is essential to our work.



  • Legislative Wrap-Up 2015

    Wrap-Up!Thank you for attending our Legislative Wrap-Up on June 6. Despite the omnibus bill having not yet passed, we had plenty to discuss and appreciate your engagement in this session overall. We will continue to keep you posted. If you were unable to attend, please watch the video of the event.
  • At the Capitol: Final Update for 2015

    end of the roadIn a June 12, 2015 Special Session, the 2015 Education Omnibus Bill passed the House on a 115-10 vote and through the Senate 53-12. Our June 16 Update covers the final results.

    All of the policy and funding provisions that had been in the original conference committee report were continued in the final bill. The final bill added $125 million to the bottom line. The additional $125m is largely appropriated to the per pupil formula, early education and vulnerable students.

    The education special session documents can be found here. Scroll down to “Committee Documents” and you will find the bill itself, the summary, the fiscal appropriations tracking sheet and district runs. Runs show you what dollars you can expect in your district.

    Your team at the Capitol - Ann, Shawna, Heidi and Mary