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  • MN Reading and Math Corps

    HIRING! 100 positions open statewide!

    Help children get on track in reading and math. Stay-at-home parents, grandparents, college grads, "gap year" youth: this is a great opportunity for paid work on a school schedule! Tutors commit to a year of service and receive training, a living allowance, an education award, and a truly rewarding experience.

    Go to or for more info. Send questions to
  • At the Capitol

    IT’S A WRAP!
    The 2014 legislative session began with breathtaking speed…and had a painstakingly slow ending.

    Looking back on the 2013-14 biennium, it is difficult not to be impressed with the sheer breadth of legislation that moved through the chambers. So don’t miss all the great info in this week’s update.

    And, don’t forget to thank your legislators – all of them!
  • Brown v. Board; 60 Years Later

    In the 60th anniversary year of Brown v. Board, our attention turns to the issue of integration. We may recall “separate is not equal.” We may also recall the Supreme Court held it was not enough for states to prohibit segregation but they had to actively pursue integration in schools. What may come as a surprise is that what appeared definitive in 1954 seems less clear today, and THAT is a front burner issue in Minnesota.

    When a school’s population is decidedly of one race, is that school considered segregated? Does the same definition apply in a school of choice as well as a traditional school? Is access to equal resources the end goal or is equitable outcomes? What about housing patterns and their impact on school demographics? What will happen in 2025, when it is projected the current minority will become the majority in K12 schools? How we deal with these questions now will fashion public schools of the future. Read more…
    How a ‘New Secessionist’ Movement Is Threatening to Worsen School Segregation
    Brown vs. Board at 60
    Long time civil rights activist challenges charter school
    Number of mostly white suburban charters has risen by 40% over 5 years
    Brown at 60