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  • more than just a bill…

    imjustabill-300x230-1How a bill becomes a law is often not the way you learned it on “Schoolhouse Rock“ when you were ten. The next few weeks of the Legislative Session are twisting, turning, messy territory. Bills will be picked up, tossed out or torn apart, with some provisions added to omnibus bills in a fast-changing and unpredictable route to the finish line. Here are some great resources to help you track the process...
  • Update: at the Capitol

    Unknown Education Omnibus Finance bills are in and the results will have dramatic effects at schools throughout the Minnesota. If you want to help change that course, Read More...  


    • A summary of House and Senate Finance Bills
    • What they mean for schools
    • What you can do to help change the course

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  • Budget Targets for Education Are Low

    speakupThe House GOP has released its budget targets and proposes to spend $156 million new dollars for all of E-12 education. The Senate’s target is $350 million new dollars. In contrast, the governor’s proposal is $695 million for education--the Governor has made it known that providing Minnesota with an educated populace is his priority.

    Unless the House and Senate targets are raised, it will be no surprise to see very real cuts in our classrooms.

    House and Senate leadership are responsible for determining targets. They need to hear this is a less than acceptable investment in our children.