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  • Know your candidates!

    Parents United does not endorse political candidates, but we invite you to get to know yours!votepubparent

    • 1) Register to vote.
    • 2) Get informed.
    • 3) VOTE! You make a difference.

    Look to League of Women Voters; the gold standard for nonpartisan, credible information. →Check out your upcoming ballot→Find your local LWV Candidate Forum →In Minneapolis, read about your candidates   
  • Out-of-state green? Ask why!

    images-2We have been fielding inquiries about today's Star Tribune article about out-of-state funding for school board candidates, asking what this means for voters. If you are making decisions on candidates, the multitude of mailers stuffing your mailbox gets confusing. Our advice: find out who is paying for the mailers and commercials and what they stand for. Then decide if you align with those funders’ beliefs. The article speaks to the significance of transparency. If you cannot easily access info about the funders, consider whether this aligns with your values as well. Keep in mind that local decisions influenced by out-of-state money is not grassroots.  
  • Great schools begin at the ballot box

    Registration is easy! Before Oct. 14, you can pre-register online or by mail.
    Even easier! You can register at the polls on election day. Most polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    WHERE DO I GO? Depends on where you live. Find out where you go on election day HERE!
    MOVED? Make sure you are still registered HERE!
    WHAT DO I NEED? 1) a MN-issued photo I.D. or 2) any photo I.D. plus a document (paper or electronic) with your name/address, or 3) a registered voter who will come with you to confirm your identity. MORE OPTIONS!
    MORE INFO? PDF (Hmong/Somali/Spanish).  To help friends, family or neighbors get registered:  WATCH THIS!