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  • Session Wrap-Up

    Buses - Parents in Action - LargeThank you for joining us for our final Wrap Up! Power point slides are available as well as video (coming soon). Alliance for Excellence in Education provides a table comparing accountability provisions in ESSA and NCLB.

    Our program provides resources for future legislative updates, other organizations we recommend as resources, and a summary of our accomplishments from 2002-2016.

    This site will not be updated after June 30, 2016. Please download any information that is helpful to you.
  • At the Capitol

    ROLL1IMG021June 10: Our Final Update & Goodbye It has been our pleasure and privilege to follow education policy in Minnesota and inform the parent public for the last fourteen years. Here is a final peek at session outcomes for schools in 2016. Inside:
    • A look ahead toward next session and the future
    • A closer look at allocations and policy provisions in the budget bill that passed
    • Making sense of new federal ESSA rules
    • Noteworthy organizations affecting public education
    • Worth a Second Look: materials from our Wrap-Up
  • Our Legacy



    With great pride for what we accomplished over 14 years, Parents United closed on June 30, 2016.

    Through the years, Parents United impacted the public's understanding of the role of government in the classroom, played a notable role in the decades-long battle to increase funding to schools, and ensured parents a place at the table in education policy creating and change.

    We leave a legacy of effective and informed parent activism in your capable hands and the hands of many excellent organizations which provide legislative updates, parent engagement or community advocacy. For advice or help, Mary Cecconi is available as a consultant or speaker.

    Please understand most groups filter legislative information, as every organization has a different lens. As you seek new resources, always think critically about their funding sources.

    We are proud to have served the public school students & families of Minnesota and will be eternally grateful for the contributions that parents & concerned people like you have made to this important work. THANK YOU!