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  • Heartwarmer


    A national campaign called No One Eats Alone Day makes sure that no one feels invisible in the lunchroom. It's a student-led program targeting social isolation among middle schoolers. More than 300,000 students across the country have signed up! Read this heartwarming story of kids supporting each other.

  • Update: at the Capitol

    images-4Headlights and Blind Spots: February 27

    On this week's drive in Minnesota, certain things appear in the headlights: surpluses, recurring bill themes and a desire for more dollars for schools. In the rearview mirror, data announced welcome news about most of our kids. But caught in the blind spot, we find that we have not been paying close enough attention to some. Read more...

  • Minnesota Reading Core

    Minnesota’s homegrown Reading Corps, overseen by AmeriCorps, trains and supports more than 1000 tutors in 800 schools across Minnesota to work with children preK-grade 3 to develop their literacy. With a goal to help ensure every child in the state can read by the end of 3rd grade, the program has seen real success in catching struggling students up to grade level.

    “The impact of Minnesota Reading Corps at our school has been extraordinary,” says Nancy Dana, principal at St. Paul City School, a charter school in St. Paul’s Frog Town neighborhood. “They have been invaluable to our success. Their training is second to none, and their commitment to the success of our students is very powerful.”

    Reading Corps was recently in the national spotlight after a three-year third party evaluation was released. "It's exciting to validate what our tutors already know because they see it every day--their students are growing."
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